How To Make Your Elementor Website Super Fast: Complete Tutorial


With Elementor, it is somewhat more challenging to have a really quick website. Elementor by itself is not the lightest of plugins, then add some fonts, icons and addons, and your website starts to become slow. In this complete tutorial to make your Elementor website FAST, we will explore everything that can improve the page […]

Easy Elementor FAQ Schema Integration!

schema elementor faq

Schema markup is code that you put on your website or blog to help search engines show more informative results for users; this form of SEO optimization is very powerful.

The Problems with Elementor Pro Pop Ups

LightBox Icon Linker

The Problems with Elementor Pro Pop ups: Animations and Content Intro and outro animations not working, jumpy content, increases page size. Jumpy Content Demo Many people complain on the groups about some features, and some bugs of the elementor Pro Pop Ups. While they are wonderful for many use cases, there are some instances they […]

Change CSS of Elements by Using the Inspect Tool

Change CSS of Elements by Using the Inspect Tool

One of the most frequent request by people using Elementor is how to change the look of certain specific elements. And the most frequent answer is CSS.

The problem is that most people don't know how to properly use the Inspect function to target the right element, and modify the CSS. Here is how.